Dedicated to the men, women and children of all nations who lived, served and died during the Second World War.


  •  01/06/2019 19:25

A short history of dinosaur fossils in World War Two.

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  •  01/06/2019 19:20

The history of the important U.S. Navy cartoon Mr. Hook

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  •  01/06/2019 19:16

The history of the British Submarine H.M.S.M. Thorn

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  •  01/02/2019 19:02

Brief History of the little-known XR-8 Kellet helicopter.

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  •  12/31/2018 19:36

The history of the remote controlled surface-to-air missiles of the Third Reich.

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  •  12/31/2018 19:27

History of the Rheinbote missiles of the Third Reich..

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  •  12/29/2018 21:02

The Story of the T-Class British submarine H.M.S. Thetis

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