The Axis And Allies Chronicles is a website about both sides of World War Two. Some of the articles I will write about might surprise you because of how obscure some of the subjects are. I will also write about some of the veterans I had the pleasure meeting, events and reenactments I went to and I will even post some of the model kits I make. This is my way of helping the world know about some of the stories that occurred during the war and, most importantly, honoring the veterans.

My name is Joshua Jordan, I am 21. I have been interested in World War Two since I was 5 or 6. Being that young, my interest with the war started with my fascination with aircraft and other machines, eventually, I got more interested in the war itself and the people who experienced it. I live in the Texhoma region of Texas and once in awhile, I set up exhibits for local museums with the memorabilia I have collected over the years and go to veteran reunions. Sometimes, I go to local nursing homes and meet, talk or interview men and women from the Greatest Generation as well as veterans from the Korean and Vietnam Wars. One of my most committed hobbies is building model kits which I also include in the exhibits I set up. I am also interested in military history, zoology, paleontology, aviation, the old west, local history and many other topics, but World War Two is my main passion.

Axis And Allies Chronicles is dedicated to the men, women and children of all nations, races and creeds who lived, served and died during World War Two and to all who support preserving it’s history.

“History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future"

-Robert Penn Warren