31 May

Over time, I have read many articles about Adolf Hitler hoping to better understand what made him and the events of time cause World War Two. No one is really sure where and why he became anti-semitic, one possibility is the doctor who took care of Adolf’s mother Klara(1860-1907), who was dying of Breast Cancer,  was Jewish. When she died, Adolf was the only family member who cried. Adolf’s father was named Alois Hitler who was married before and had a son named Alois(1882-1956) and a daughter named Angela(1883-1949). Adolf had only one surviving sibling, a sister named Paula(1896-1960), his other sibling died during childhood Gustav(1885-1887), Ida(1886-1888), Otto(1887) and Edmund(1894-1900). I have learned many things throughout Hitler’s life affected him and even the outcome of events during World War Two. I have included here several “fun facts” as a simplified explanation of Hitler’s life. Some of these facts remain in question, Hitler said some these happened but he was also a master liar so could have lied to make his life appear more…”interesting” for political reasons.


1: Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889.

2: When Hitler was 4 years old, a priest saved him from drowning.

3: As a boy, Hitler wanted to be a priest and was a choir boy.

4: Hitler came across the swastika at a Catholic Church.

5: He was a high school drop-out.

6: His father, changed the family’s last name of Schicklgruber to Hitler in 1877.

7: His father did not want Adolf to be an artist like Adolf desired which caused them to fight a lot.

8: Hitler's first love was a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak

9: Between 1908 and 1913 Hitler lived in Vienna and sold postcards he tinted and painted houses.

10: Hitler was rejected from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Vienna in 1907 and again in 1908.


11: Hitler sold most of his paintings to Jewish art collectors.

12: Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin lived only a few miles from each other while living in Vienna during 1913. And were both regulars to the same coffee shops.

13: Hitler avoided to join the Austrian army by moving to Munich, Germany in May 1913 but joined the German army when World War One broke out.

14: A British soldier saved a wounded Hitler.


15: Hitler had a “Kaiser” mustache during World War One but was ordered to shave it so his gas mask would fit better. Resulting in the well known “toothbrush’ mustache he had.

16:  Hitler’s fascination of tanks started while witnessing a British tank rolling over the trenches and was awe-struck from the impact the tank made for warfare.

17: Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross twice and in October 1916, he was wounded by a piece of shrapnel from a grenade.

18: In October 13, 1918, Hitler was a victim of a gas attack that left him temporarily blind. While he was recovering, he heard of Germany’s surrender at the hospital and felt the German leaders betrayed the country.

19: In 1919, Hitler was ordered to spy on the anti-semitic German Worker’s Party.

20: The German Worker’s Party listed Hitler as the 555th member to appear larger than it really was. He was really the 55th.

21: In 1920, Hitler became the leader of the party, established the Swastika flag and changed the party’s name to the National Socialists Party.

22: For the next several years, Hitler made public speeches which gained him followers and financial supporters.


23: In November 1923, Hitler led the party to take over the German government but the coup d’etat was quickly put down, this is known as the Beer Hall Putsch.

24: Hitler was arrested and was sentenced to prison for 5 years in Landsberg but was released in 9 months. During this time, he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

25: Hitler decided to take over the government by expanding his party and becoming leader in the Democratic way, which he hated.

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