Save The Behoud Dreyeroord Oosterbeek Hotel!

09 Sep

Help save the Behoud Dreyeroord Oosterbeek Hotel! The hotel is located in the Netherlands and was the headquarters for the British during the Battle of Arnhem, a part of Operation Market Garden. During this conflict, the Allies lost 1,984 killed and 6,854 captured. After the battle, many of the British were buried near the hotel until the bodies were reburied at the Airborne Cemetery at Arnhem. The hotel has been closed since 2014, and now a real estate developer wants to build condominiums and a nursing home where the hotel stands today. But this site is more than just a broken down hotel, it's a symbol for the families of the servicemen who fought there and a place to honor them. And it's not just for the families, but also for the people of Holland. It's a symbol of the struggles of the Liberation of Europe from the Nazi Regime. If you want to help save this important, historical landmark, click on the link below to sign a petition. It needs to have 25,000 signed petitions.

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