SECRET AIRCRAFT: BV P 163 .01 & 02

31 May

The Blohm Und Voss Bv P 163.01 was also an unorthodox bomber design. The nacelle on the right wingtip housed the pilot, navigator and a gunner, while the left nacelle holds the rear and forward gunner. This design allowed a more clear field of fire and the plane could be flown in either nacelle. A similar aircraft, the Blohm Und Voss 141 which was built but the off center nacelle gave the air crew motion sickness, this design would be even worse. The 163.01 would've been fitted with six 151 machine guns and one Rustsatz Mk114 or a RZ 65 and it was designed to carry at least 2000kg of bombs. Two versions were designed, the 01 and 02, both were the same design except the 01 called for a Daimler-Benz DB 613C engines (actually 2 DB 603G engines combined) with a contra-rotating propeller. The 02 called for a BMW 803 (two BMW 14 cylinder radial engines combined) also with a contra-rotating prop. But also like the BV P 188 mentioned in the last post, it never got past the design stage.

Boxart from Planet Models 

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