SECRET AIRCRAFT: BV P 170 .01 & .02

31 May

Perhaps the most unorthodox design the Third Reich produced, is the Blohm Und Voss Bv P 170.01 and .02. Dr. Richard Vogt drew the design in September, 1942 for the purpose of making a fighter faster and superior to any Allied fighter, even the DeHavilland Mosquito. The fuel tanks, engines (3x2100hp BMW 801 E engines) and main landing gear are all located in the three nacelles with a small tail wheel underneath the cockpit. The .01 variant was a fighter version of the aircraft while the .02, with a extra cabin for the bombardier, was the bomber, reconnaissance and ground-attack version. Even though the top speed was estimated to be at 510mph even with 2200Ibs of bombs, the design was canceled due to the rising interest of jets. Boxart from Planet Models.

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